Gas Water Heater, Also Known As Gas Water Heater

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Gas water heaters, also known as gas water heaters, refer to gas appliances that use gas as a fuel to transfer heat to the cold water flowing through the heat exchanger through combustion heating to achieve the purpose of preparing hot water.

The gas water heater is mainly composed of a valve body assembly, a main burner, a small fire burner, a heat exchanger, a safety device, etc., and also includes a flue-type water heater flue and a strong discharge device of a strong-discharge type water heater. The valve body assembly controls the entire water heater's operating procedures, including water valves, air valves, micro switches, and igniters. When the water heater is installed, the valve should be installed on the inlet pipe, outlet pipe and gas pipe.

In the early 1970s, Premier Zhou went to Europe to visit. When he returned to Hong Kong, an progressive person sent him two 5-liter inline water heaters. After returning to Beijing, he instructed relevant people to develop this product. Under the attention of Premier Zhou, the door of modern water heaters entering ordinary people’s homes was slowly opened. In 1979, China’s first gas water heater was successfully developed in Nanjing Yuhuan Water Heater Factory. The era that marks the Chinese people bathing with pots of water is over. The bathing life of the people has entered a new era; Chinese gas water heaters have gone through five stages, each of which is straight, flue, strong, balanced, and outdoor. It is a technological breakthrough, and it is a step forward in the "safety" and "comfort" of bathing. The in-line water heater completed its historical mission in June 2000 and was forcibly prohibited from being sold and used by the state; China's gas water heater implementation standards also experienced four standards of “86 standard, 94 standard, 2001 standard, 2015 standard”. A standard update marks a new level in China's design and manufacturing of gas water heaters, and also raises the barriers to entry.



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