It Is Very Important To Use The Normal Operation Of The Boiler

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The proper operation of the boiler is very important. After the installation and commissioning of the gas wall-mounted boiler, it is necessary to conduct detailed training on the operation of the user. For example: water injection problems, water discharge problems, temperature adjustment problems, equipment switching machine precautions, simple problem handling, etc. The manual should be handed over to the user, and a detailed after-sales service call is left. Regular operation can reduce after-sales service pressure and reduce the damage rate and failure rate of accessories.

Gas wall-mounted boilers have been used in Europe for decades. In China, but with more than a decade of natural gas extraction and transportation capacity, natural gas in the pipe network will be further popularized, gas-fired boilers will have greater development. space. The development of the industry requires a more professional team and more people's efforts to drive its rapid development. With perfect norms, reasonable standards, strong technical support, complete after-sales service guarantee, and establish a good market reputation, we can develop rapidly and steadily.



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