Gas Water Heater, Also Known As Gas Water Heater

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The pressure must not be too high, 1.2 to 1.5 is the most suitable range. If it exceeds, the service life of the sealing component will be reduced. If the pressure is too small, the phenomenon will not start. The solution is to open the air release valve and open the water inlet switch. add water.

Water Temperature

Bathing and dishwashing, we are using the hot water function of the stove. Everyone is used to feeling cold water when they are hot. In fact, this is wrong. The hot water in the stove is not directly heated, so we change the pressure in the circulating hot system while we are adding cold water. This pressure change will be transmitted to the corresponding circuit and chip by the induction device. The furnace will re-arrange the operation mode of each device according to the pre-selected warmth, so the repeated acceleration will accelerate the aging of the device, and the water temperature can be set according to individual conditions.


If you find that the water in the faucet is getting smaller and smaller, the problem may be on the faucet. The solution is simple. Just fold the faucet filter and remove the impurities. Because there are many impurities in the water, such as small stones. Lines, grass, etc., so the water in the fireplace can't be drunk directly, especially friends with children at home.



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